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Using Auto Exposure Lock

When I first started in photography, I used aperture priority mode pretty much all the time. Later I learned the advantages of using manual exposure mode in certain situations. However, I still felt more comfortable using aperture priority mode and preferred using it when possible. Eventually I devised a method of using Auto Exposure Lock as a substitute for manual exposure mode. I wrote an article on the technique in 2011 that was published in  Nikonians eZine, Number 51.  The article reviews the merits of automatic and manual exposure modes, then describes in detail how I use the Auto Exposure Lock Method as a substitute for manual exposure. If you photograph wildlife, sports or any other type of action photography, using Auto Exposure Lock has one big advantage over manual exposure. I’ve revised the article, adding more images and clarifying some points, and published it on this website. To view the article click  here.

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Lake Mattamuskeet NWR


I spent last Saturday and Sunday at Lake Mattamuskeet NWR.  Lake Mattamuskeet is about 45 minutes east of Pungo lake (in Pocosin Lakes NWR). I first went to Pungo Lake but there were few photographic opportunities there, so I headed over to Lake Mattamuskeet. I didn’t have much luck with wildlife there either, but did get a couple of nice scenic shots. Above is a night shot of the old Lake Mattamuskeet Lodge/Pump Station. Below are two sunset shots on Lake Mattamuskeet, and an afternoon image of the Lake Mattamuskeet Lodge. The second sunset image is a composite of four images. I used a flashlight to light paint the different trees and dock in several shots and combined them in Photoshop. No light painting was done with the night image of Lake Mattamuskeet Lodge. Continue reading »

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Pocosin Lakes NWR


I went to the Pungo unit of Pocosin Lakes NWR in eastern North Carolina on Saturday. Had initially planned to take my one-man camper and stay overnight at a nearby campground, but the weather forecast for Sunday was not very favorable. So I decided to make it a day trip instead and awoke at 3:00 am to take the 2 1/2 hour drive to the refuge. A number of years ago, I would make several trips each January and February, but I hadn’t been in several years due to increasing restrictions on access. Continue reading »

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