Birds of Prey

Red-tailed HawkRedtailedHawk0507_0434.jpgRedtailedhawk0507_0467.jpgRedtailedhawk0507_0474.jpgRedtailedHawk0507_0577.jpgRedtailedhawk0507_0516.jpgRedtailedhawkNRNikDetExtTonalContSharpenPro0507_3951-copy.jpgRedtailedHawkNRNikDetExtTonContSharpenPro0507_3962-copy.jpgRedtailedhawkwprey0507_3968.jpgRedtailedHawkinFlight0508_4401.jpgOpreyandnestling200706_2206.jpgOsprey-and-Nestlings200706_3100.jpgBald Eagle and Red-winged BlackbirdsBald Eagle at Pocosin Lakes NWRCrestedCaracara201202_D300_8316.jpgCrestedCaracara201202_D300_8317.jpgBarred OwlBarredOwlet20120528_D800_1213.jpgGreat Horned OwlGtHorned-Owl200803_311.jpg


  1. SandyJohnson July 18, 2014 at 8:46 pm #

    We met a couple of weeks ago at Howell Woods. You were photographing red headed woodpeckers and I came up on a bike. Today George and I were riding our bikes again and went to Plantation to try and see the birds, but could only see one thru our binoculars on the nesting tree. I’ll have to check back and see the pics you’ve taken of the woodpecker. Hope you got some goods ones the day we met. Have truly enjoyed viewing all your pictures. One of my favorites is the baby wood duck about to jump form its nest in the tree. The eagle picture…was it taken at HW? We saw one today close to the pond they are clearing. What is the next bird picture? Was it taken at HW? Maybe I’ll see one of them too? Thanks for sharing your work. You know how to capture all the beautiful colors and natural settings. Please keep up photographing and sharing.
    Blessings to you,
    Sandy Johnson

    • Ed Erkes July 19, 2014 at 4:40 pm #

      Thank you for visiting my website and also for the kind words about my pictures. I think the red headed woodpeckers have fledged. I didn’t get to Howell Woods last weekend, but did do my bluebird box check out there today. I stopped by the woodpecker nest site and saw one woodpecker on the nest tree, but no woodpeckers visited the nest cavity during the 45 minutes I watched through binoculars. Two weekends ago they were bringing food about every 15 minutes.
      The eagle picture was taken at Pocosin Lakes NWR in eastern NC, and the next image after the eagle is of a Crested Caracara. In the US they are only found in Florida, southern Texas, and southern Arizona. My images were taken in Florida at the Viera Wetlands conservation area. I will probably be posting some of the red headed woodpeckers images within a couple of weeks.


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