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Photographing Bodie Island Lighthouse and the Milky Way



With a weekend forecast of clear skies and moonless nights, I decided to drive to the Outer Banks and photograph Bodie Island Lighthouse with a Milky Way backdrop.  So I loaded up the car and left home at 1:30 pm last Saturday. Arrived at Nags Head at 5:30 pm and, after a quick dinner, drove to the lighthouse to scout for the evening shoot. By nightfall, I had several shots planned. My favorites from the evening are shown.  The last shot of the series was a 3 1/2 hour star trail image, finishing at 4:00 am. Following a sunrise shot at Jeannette’s Pier, I was on my way home, arriving 22 hours after I had left.

Images only added, for now. Within a week I will add some information on the methods used in obtaining these images.

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The Outer Banks…..Again

I took another family vacation to the Outer Banks last October. The only serious photography I did was spend two evenings photographing Cape Hattaras and Ocracoke Lighthouses. The weather didn’t cooperate for any morning photography. The images sat unprocessed on my computer until just recently. All images were taken with naturally occurring light, for the most part, with a just a little light from a flashlight in a couple of instances. The evening I photographed Cape Hattaras Lighthouse, a storm was brewing in the distance. I waited, hoping the storm would come closer, but it remained in the distance and slowly rolled southward. However the sheet lightning lit up the cloud bank during the 30 second exposures. Continue reading »

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