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The Outer Banks: The Pelicans of Roanoke Island


In late February I spent four days on the Outer Banks. Although it was a family vacation I did manage to find some time for photography. I woke early two mornings for sunrise shoots at a local pier. On two evenings I found time for night photography at nearby lighthouses. However, being primarily a wildlife photographer, I most enjoyed the three hours I spent one afternoon with brown pelicans on Roanoke Island.

Let me first put in a plug for an ebook by photographer Jared Lloyd, The Photographer’s Guide to the Outer Banks. If not for the ebook, I would not have known about this location for pelicans. Jared Lloyd is a talented photographer who grew up on the Outer Banks and has photographed there for many years. He knows the photographic opportunities there, both wildlife and scenic. His guide tells you where the best locations are, as well as the best times to be there. I highly recommend the ebook to anyone planning a photography trip to the Outer Banks. When you factor in the costs of travel and lodging, plus time scouting the area on your own, the price of the ebook is a bargain. You can purchase it at

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