How Big is a Wood Duck?

Wood Ducks are typically shy, elusive creatures of woodland waterways. They are generally less commonly seen than some other types of waterfowl. And for those who have never personally seen one, it’s often hard to tell the size of a wood duck from a photograph. Most such images consist of a single wood duck, a pair, or several in a group. They lack a sense of scale for size comparison.  A field guide will give you the metrics: an average adult wood duck is listed at 18.5 inches in length, with a 30 inch wingspan, and a weight of 1.3 lbs. But that still is not easy visualize.

So I thought I would share some images of wood ducks with some more commonly seen animals, so that you can get a better idea of their size.  However, it may actually just be an excuse to share some images.


WoodDucknSnake200605_0659If anyone knows the identity of this species of snake, please let me know.  It has been noted in the literature that wood ducks will approach snakes and try to harass or otherwise herd them away from nest sites.

Raccoonandwoodducks20140308_0000This raccoon was feeding on the corn that I had tossed into the shallow waters for the wood ducks.




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