Using Auto Exposure Lock

When I first started in photography, I used aperture priority mode pretty much all the time. Later I learned the advantages of using manual exposure mode in certain situations. However, I still felt more comfortable using aperture priority mode and preferred using it when possible. Eventually I devised a method of using Auto Exposure Lock as a substitute for manual exposure mode. I wrote an article on the technique in 2011 that was published in  Nikonians eZine, Number 51.  The article reviews the merits of automatic and manual exposure modes, then describes in detail how I use the Auto Exposure Lock Method as a substitute for manual exposure. If you photograph wildlife, sports or any other type of action photography, using Auto Exposure Lock has one big advantage over manual exposure. I’ve revised the article, adding more images and clarifying some points, and published it on this website. To view the article click  here.

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